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For more information about residencies or workshops, please email Education Director Abigail Funk at 

"Probably the best thing I've done in

four years of high school!"

- Long Reach High School Senior


During a performance residency, students participate in a full rehearsal process, scheduled in condensed form.


Taking on the role of performers, students are guided to experience the text from the inside: analyzing and synthesizing meaning from Shakespeare's words, considering character motive and relationships, and developing a character interpretation which they express for an audience in a rehearsed and memorized final performance.


Our experienced teaching artists provide guidance and insight as students go from page to stage.

Distinct five and ten day program options. 

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Short workshops are designed to help students focus on a specific area of understanding in Shakespeare's works.


Theses workshops may not be as physically active as our Theme-Based or Performance-Based Residencies, so if space, noise, or time are a concern for your classroom, this is a great way to bring some excitement to your Shakespeare unit! 


Shakespeare, Music and Movement 

Dance like it’s 1599! A short look at how dancing would have appeared in Shakespeare’s time.


Shakespeare, Rhetoric and The Art of Arguing

Students explore at some of Shakespeare’s Greatest speeches, are introduced to rhetorical devices (the building blocks of argument), and finally compare other great speeches of the 20th or 21st century to analyze and assess how the use of rhetoric has changed since Shakespeare’s time.


Introduction to Stage Combat

Students learn the basics of single sword or unarmed combat with this unique form of storytelling.


The Meaning is in the Meter:

Analyzing Shakespeare’s Text

Students learn the quick and easy way to figure out character relationships, the emotional content of a moment, all by looking at a few words.     



Or have us design one for you!

Take a look Shakespeare That Meets Your Needs to learn more. 

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