Shakespeare. For real. 

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2021 Season

 The Tempest is genuinely funny and sweet; the language is Shakespeare at his best. In The Tempest, the characters all go through harrowing experiences and come out on the other end ready to start a new beginning, learning from the mistakes they made in the past. This story is pertinent to what people are feeling right now.



2021 Season

As You Like It is a return to nature where we leave aside the troubles of court life. The characters in this play struggle to push courtly duties aside in an attempt to return to human nature, but what ensues is nothing short of comical. With cross-dressing, fools in love, and an ever famous soliloquy on what it is to live, As You like It will have you laughing, crying, and bemoaning that you can't join them all in the forest of Arden.


2021 Season

When an aging king seeks to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, he sets in motion the destruction of everything—and everyone—he holds dear. Among Shakespeare’s triumphs, King Lear shows us the insidious power of pride, the things that tear us apart, and ultimately the things that hold us together. Baltimore Shakespeare Factory is proud to present this epic tragedy in original pronunciation, as Shakespeare himself would have heard it.