Join us every other month for our Bard to the Bone Society meetings! Topics vary, but each meeting will give you an opportunity to learn more about William Shakespeare and the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, meet other Shakespeare fans, and enjoy lively and spirited discussion. 


All meetings begin at 7 pm and end at 9 pm.  Wine, cheese, and other beverages and snacks will be provided. These events are always FREE! Registration is appreciated, though not required. 

2019 Meetings

January 24: Cymbeline


Cymbeline is one of the very last plays that Shakespeare wrote without a collaborator, and it reprises many of the motifs and themes of his previous works.  In a way, the play supplies a virtuoso capstone for a writing career that spanned over twenty years.  During this meeting you will be able to sit in on a portion of a Cymbeline rehearsal and discuss one of Shakespeare's greatest--but most underappreciated--plays.  




March 21:  Hamlet and Original Pronunciation (OP)


Hamlet is certainly one of the most famous works in all of world literature, and it will be BSF's fifth OP production -- more than any other company in the world!  Visit a Hamlet rehearsal, discuss some unique perspectives on this classic play, and explore how Original Pronunciation will shed new light on this timeless classic.  It doesn't get better than this!




May 23:  Actors and Acting in Shakespeare's Time


What was it like to be a member of The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, or a young boy playing a role like Ophelia? How was the art of acting practiced (and regarded) during Shakespeare’s time?  This is an interesting subject and you may be surprised to learn of the way in which actors carried out their craft during the Elizabethan and Jacobean period in England.  Come join us for this fascinating journey into theatrical world much more different than you may have ever imagined.




July 11: BSF Summer Series: Romeo and Juliet and The Merry Wives of Windsor


Summer and Shakespeare go together like iced tea and lemonade. Prepare for summer fun as we lead you through a discussion of BSF's 2019 summer shows: the heartbreaking tragedy Romeo and Juliet and the side-splitting comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor.  We will discuss the historical and literary background of these plays along with their characters and themes. 




September 19: Diversity in Elizabethan England


Shakespeare's London is commonly regarded today as being a place that was quite hostile to people of color, immigrants, and women.  What was it like to be an "other" in Shakespeare's time?  Were others associated with the theatre world of that time?  How are others portrayed in Shakespeare's plays?  Our Bard to the Bone Society meeting this week explores these complicated questions, along with modern movements to decolonize Shakespeare, and more.



November 7: The Knight of the Burning Pestle


BSF’s production of Francis Beaumont's The Knight of the Burning Pestle will be the fourth consecutive year we have offered our Shakespeare's Contemporary Series to the Baltimore community.  There is much that can be learned about Shakespeare's plays from the works of these men and women who wrote plays that have, unfortunately, become overshadowed by the Bard's iconic stature.  We want to blow the dust off these neglected classics! Pestle is not only one of the funniest plays EVER written, but it also opens a window into the theatrical world of Shakespeare's time.


This organization is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council and Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts. 

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