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Bard to the Bone, BSF’s Shakespeare Appreciation Society, meets almost every month for a discussion about a specific aspect of Elizabethan/Jacobean theatre to enrich our understanding of the Bard’s work and its relevance to our modern world.

Support us at for early updates and special announcements.

Recorded meetings are now posted to our YouTube Channel!

We hope you'll join us EVERY month at 7pm

(ZoomRoom ID: 841 8143 3719)

Upcoming Topics for 2023:

April 3, 2023 - Director pre-show chat for Henry VIII

(Special Monday Session!) 

Our pre-show chat with Henry VIII Director,  Jeff Miller, will be a Bard to the Bone Q&A during the first week of April and will be posted instead of the in-person pre-show chat. Join us online with your questions!

May 2023 - Director pre-show chat for Gallathea

Pre-show chat with Gallathea Director, Abigail Funk, will be posted online just before our June performances. Join us online during the recording with your questions!

June 2023 - Roundtable Review

Main topic TBD. Let us know what you're interested in at our Patreon Page!

New Topics for 2023 will include!​

  • Director Pre-Show Chats

  • Gender Discussion

  • Inheritance

  • Melancholy

  • Music

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