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The Tempest

February 20th, 2021

In The Tempest, the characters all go through harrowing experiences and come out on the other end ready to start a new beginning, learning from the mistakes they made in the past. Much like society at large in this day and era, these characters are yearning for the hope that they can move forward with greater insight and knowledge of they mistakes and begin the process of healing. This story leaves audiences with a sense of hope and reinvigorates them for the work ahead in this new year.

A Kestrel on the Air Production:

Pay What You Will


All tickets General Admission

Donations of $10 or more include invitation to pre-show talk with the actors!


Tickets for this performance are Pay What You Will, but if you choose to donate $10 or more, you will be invited to a pre-show talk with the actors over Zoom. Details will be sent via email after tickets have been purchased. Any questions can be directed to .

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