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He was a man

Of an unbounded stomach.

The BSF is excited to open our 2023 season with HENRY VIII. Join us for story of power and politics like no other. Directed by JEFF MILLER.


Performances beginning Friday, April 14 and closing Sunday April 30 (includes Sunday matinee on April 23, Shakespeare’s Birthday!) Showtimes are Friday/Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 4pm.

Henry VIII Cast Breakdown


  • King Henry VIII - King of England, happily married to Katherine, desperate for a male heir (Think Leontes from Winter’s Tale)

  • Queen Katherine of Aragon - Loyal and devoted wife to Henry, but unafraid to speak the truth (Think Hermione from Winter’s Tale)

  • Cardinal Wolsey - Close confidant of King Henry, and uses that influence to advance his own position (Think Richard III or Iago)

  • Thomas Cranmer - The new Archbishop of Canterbury, and Henry’s ally, until the friendship turns sour (Think Buckingham from R3)

  • Anne Bullen - Henry’s new love interest; young and unfamiliar with the ways of court, she luckily has an Old Woman to show her the ropes (Think Nurse and Juliet relationship from R&J) 

  • Duke of Buckingham - Lord of the court and enemy of Wolsey. His arrest and subsequent trial set the events of the play into motion

  • Duke of Norfolk - A lord of the court and friend of Buckingham who is loyal to Henry and suspicious of Wolsey’s machinations

  • Thomas Cromwell - A lord of the court and friend of Cardinal Wolsey

  • Gardiner - Secretary to the King and fierce ally of Cardinal Wolsey

The events of this play are seen through the eyes of courtiers and servants, and it is often their perception of the scandalous events at court that shapes the perception of the audience.

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