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If love be a god,

Why should not lovers be virtuous?

Gallathea by John Lyly is a queer comedy romp about love and sacrifice. The BSF is proud to be producing a queer-led performance during Pride Month. Directed by ABIGAIL FUNK.

JUNE 9 through 25

The Great Hall at St. Mark's Lutheran Church

1900 St. Paul Street

Baltimore, MD 21218

Cast and Crew:

Abigail Funk (they/them) - Director

Lauren Romagnano (she/her) - Stage Manager

Francesco Leandri (they/them) - Minstrel/Music Coordinator

Adanya Elizabeth (they/she) - Gallathea

Kayla Schultz (she/they) - Phillida 

Matthew Crawford (he/him)Tityrus/Cupid 

Nadia Pollock (they/them) Hebe/Ramia 

Greta Boeringer (she/her)Neptune/Mariner/Augur

Taryn Comizio (she/her)Diana/Astronomer 

Holly Gibbs (she/her) Venus/Alchemist 

Alex Mungo (they/them) Rafe 

Rhiannon Clarke (she/her) - Robin/Telusa 

Corey Ahearn (he/him) Dicke/Melebeus 

Dennis Colin Graham (he/him) Peter/Ericthinis 

Lanoree Blake (she/her) Eurota/Larissa

Autumn Koehnlein (she/her) Understudy

Pre-Show Discussion
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